Emirates resumes flights

Emirates, recognized globally as the leading international airline, has wrapped up one of its most dynamic summer seasons to date. Between June and August, the airline reported carrying an impressive 14 million passengers, achieving average seat load factors of over 80% across its extensive global network.

Dubai, the airline’s central hub, continues to magnetize travelers. Even during the summer months, about two million customers made their way to the city, driven by its diverse attractions and events. The top countries contributing to this inbound traffic were the UK, India, Germany, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, China, Egypt, and Kuwait. Notably, over a third of these visitors, predominantly families, opted for extended stays, averaging over two weeks to immerse themselves in Dubai’s multifaceted offerings.

With winter approaching, Emirates projects another uptick in demand for Dubai travel, given the city’s forthcoming roster of global conferences and top-tier sporting events. The first half of 2023 has already seen the city warmly welcome over 8.5 million international visitors, marking an increase of more than a million compared to the same period in the previous year.

Emirates’ Chief Commercial Officer, Adnan Kazim, reflected on the sustained demand for travel, asserting, “It demonstrates the emphasis people put on travel, whether it’s for work, leisure, academics, or reconnecting with family. International air travel remains indispensable to global communities.” He further expressed his gratitude for the overwhelming customer preference for Emirates, especially within their premium cabins.

During this bustling summer period, Emirates conducted approximately 50,000 flights, spanning 140 cities and transporting those 14 million passengers. The airline’s expansive connections, boosted by its partnerships with 157 airlines and rail services, offer travelers unparalleled access to over 800 cities in 100 countries.

Highlighting the summer’s achievements, Emirates:

  • Debuted daily flights to Montreal, Canada.
  • Scaled up its flight frequency to 12 cities, including Athens, Brisbane, Bangkok, and Kuala Lumpur, among others.
  • Revived its daily A380 services to locations such as Birmingham, Nice, and Taipei.
  • Made aviation history by initiating the first-ever A380 service to Bali, Indonesia.
  • Unveiled its state-of-the-art 4-class A380 aircraft, featuring Premium Economy seats, for routes to Singapore, Los Angeles, and Houston.
  • Fortified its global reach with new and expanded collaboration agreements with Kenya Airways, Air Canada, and Philippine Airlines.