Dubai RTA

Dubai has set a new benchmark in the realm of global transportation by delivering remarkable rankings in the 2022 traffic index report released by TomTom. This multinational firm, known for its expertise in monitoring worldwide traffic congestion, analyzed a staggering 390 cities spanning 56 nations on six continents.

In an impressive feat, Dubai surpassed renowned cities such as Los Angeles, Montreal, and Sydney in the average time taken to traverse a 10 km stretch within the Central Business District. Dubai clocked in at a swift 12 minutes for this distance, a noticeable difference from the 21-minute average recorded in the aforementioned cities. To put this in perspective, while Almere in the Netherlands led the pack with a journey time of just 8 minutes per 10 km, London lagged, registering a 36-minute travel time for the same distance.

Additionally, within urban areas, Dubai recorded an outstanding average speed of 59 km/h, translating to only 9 minutes per 10 km. When juxtaposed with the performance of Greensboro, USA – the leading city with an average speed of 74 km/h and a travel time of 7 minutes and 40 seconds – and Bogota, Colombia, which recorded a 24-minute journey time with an average speed of just 19 km/h, Dubai’s achievements become even more evident.

His Excellency Mattar Al Tayer, a distinguished figure in the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA), was effusive in his appreciation for Dubai’s accomplishments. He underscored the visionary guidance of the esteemed UAE leaders, attributing the success to their unwavering commitment to uplifting Dubai’s infrastructure. Their aim? To establish Dubai as the paramount city for quality living worldwide.

In his address, Al Tayer also delineated RTA’s monumental infrastructure projects over the years. These include the Dubai Metro, which now covers a staggering 90 km, the 11-km Dubai Tram, and a plethora of road projects that have almost doubled the lane-kilometre count from 2006 to 2022. These ventures have not only solidified UAE’s international reputation but also furthered Dubai’s position in the context of global traffic flow and congestion metrics.

The tangible impact of RTA’s efforts resonates deeply within the community. The cumulative value of time and fuel savings as a result of these initiatives is estimated at over AED262 billion between 2006 and 2022. The notable reduction in road incident-related fatalities and the robust growth in public transport patronage further amplify the success story.

In summary, as Dubai continues its ascent in the world of transportation, it showcases the incredible power of visionary leadership, innovation, and unwavering commitment to its residents.